Weekly Update – Thursday 8 June

Project Update – 8th June 2017

With the recently announced approval from IHQ on structure and operating model for The Salvation Army in Australia to deliver its mission, we now commence working through detail design and implementation.

In the next steps for the Australia One (A1) project we further consider how the high level operating model for the new Territory will work in practice. From the beginning, we have adopted the approach of 1+1=New.  A National Territory will not simply be a merger of the two existing territories, but a chance to leverage the best of both and create something new.

How will the Detail Design phase work?

A key step in developing our new operating model is determining how Mission will be expressed and how it can best be supported by Mission and Business Support functions. The A1 Program is establishing a ‘Reference Group’ to focus on how Mission will be delivered and its integration with corps and social Mission Support areas in particular. In parallel, the roadmap previously mentioned will focus on detail design of the Business Support and other, non-program related, Mission Support areas.

Who will be on the Reference Group and how will they be selected?

The Reference Group will be cross-representational, made up of people from across the Army. Members will be drawn from a combination of officers, soldiers and employees at all levels.

They will be selected by the National Chief Secretary based on recommendations from the Chief Secretaries in Charge.  The Reference Group will constitute a dedicated Work Stream, reporting into the A1 Steering Committee.

What will be the role of the Reference Group?

Members of this work stream will:

  • provide feedback, input, guidance and challenge to the design,
  • represent their respective functions—ensuring that, where relevant, they have consulted their own teams and brought their feedback/input to meetings,
  • develop a clear understanding of the emerging design and communicate this back to their own areas, cascading information as appropriate, and
  • be advocates for building a single Army in Australia, and act as champions of this change in the organisation.

When do we expect the new operating model for Mission expression to be implemented?

We have considered implementation options for the operating model and determined that a phased approach will allow us to identify and mitigate any exceptions as we implement. The alternative is that we implement nationally at the same time, but this would mean needing to react to exceptions on a large scale from day one.

Following the detail design work, we will pilot the new Mission expression model in two areas in New South Wales and Queensland—one metro and one regional. The pilot will run for two months through September and October, and we will adjust the model based on lessons from the pilots in advance of implementation in other Areas.

Based on the annual appointments process, we will confirm/appoint Area Officers for the New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victorian Divisions to enable a January 2018 commencement of the new model rollout. This rollout will necessarily take a hybrid approach.

In the New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory and Queensland divisions, Area Officers will provide oversight supervision for both corps and social programs from January 2018.

In Victoria, Area Officers will be responsible for corps from January 2018, with social program responsibility being added throughout the year. During this transition, social programs in Victoria will continue to be led by State Social Command under Victoria Divisional Leadership, but this activity will begin to shift to the National Mission Support and Mission expression teams over the course of 2018.  During this transition, social programs will be added to the oversight responsibilities of the Area Officers.

For the remaining divisions – Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia/Northern Territory – Area Officers will be appointed effective January 2019.  As of January 2019, all divisions will be working with the new Australia Territory operating model.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Australia One project, you can contact us via the Australia One Inbox

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