Weekly Update – Monday 29th May

Project Update – 29th May 2017

What’s new?

Since the May announcements, the Australia One (A1) program has been working on a number of key activities to lay the foundations for the next 12-18 months. This includes:

  • finalising a cross representational working group to consider how we best engage our various stakeholder around our Australia Territory Vision,
  • commencing the detail design and transition planning for our new governance model,
  • continuing in depth review of our current social and corps programs across both territories to better understand where we want to focus under an Australia Territory,
  • continuing to implement Change Management and Communications support activities,
  • finalising a cross representational working group to undertake the detail design work for our new Operating Model, and
  • holding a kick off meeting with the National Executive Leaders to consider what priorities and dependencies should inform the development of the high level road map.

This month we also made some announcements regarding changes to the divisional structure, and have commenced the recruitment of national Heads of Department (HoDs) for some areas.  Further detail is included later in this update.

Australia One Pulse Survey

Approximately 1800 people participated in the Pulse Survey conducted at the beginning of this year. We are grateful to those who provided feedback. It is important on a change of this size that we understand what our people are thinking and how we might best change our approach to managing the A1 Program.  We are now pleased to make the findings from the Pulse Survey available to everyone via the Australia One website.

The Pulse Survey Findings Report, dated 29 May 2017, can be found here.

Transitioning leadership structures

From 2017 to 2019, we will gradually transition to the new leadership structure. Based on current planning, we have defined three transition phases to ensure that we maintain effective internal governance and decision making as we move towards a national territory.

What does this mean for TSA?

What does this mean for members of these Councils?

There is no change to the existing membership of these Councils aside from those outlined above.

Divisional configuration changes

The Chief Secretary’s Business Session at IHQ recently approved the following divisional configuration under an Australia Territory Operating Model:

  • New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory
  • Queensland
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia and the Northern Territory
  • Victoria

This approval means that the three Victorian divisions and the Victoria State Social Command will be combined into a single Victoria division.  The South Australia Division and Northern Territory Region will also move to a single division.

Next steps

Work will commence on the detailed design of Divisions as part of the Operating Model work and will involve existing Divisional leaders and selected Divisional personnel.

Details such as location, leadership, staffing and Area Officers are yet to be determined and will form part of the detailed design.  We will continue to keep the existing Divisions informed of the timing as this becomes more certain, however, as these changes are a priority for our single leadership structure, we expect them to be effective in early 2018.

National Head of Department recruitment

Moving to a single, Australia Territory will necessarily require a single leadership structure.  Over the last twelve months we have therefore appointed a number of National Cabinet Secretary roles.  To enable us to move forward into detail design, it will be important that we have single leadership in place in some areas earlier than others where there are significant dependencies on broader detail design decisions and roadmap implications.

With that in mind, a decision has been taken to now create National Head of Department roles for Finance, HR, IT and Property.  These roles will replace the existing territorial Head of Department roles.  As a result of this decision, those existing Head of Department positions in both territories will become redundant.  The particular timing and arrangements resulting from this decision will be different for each department depending on departmental circumstances and recruitment lead times.

This is a logical step on the Australia One journey and supports the achievement of the Australia Once objectives, including Aligned Vision, United Voice and Better Stewardship.

  • Colin Foster
    Posted at 08:06h, 03 June Reply

    I trust that when TOC and TFC hold their fortnightly meetings in their respective Territories, that we will take advantage of the technology available (e.g. video conferencing) therefore eliminating the need for travel. This will demonstrate that we are serious about STEWARDSHIP.

  • Pam Stamos
    Posted at 14:01h, 31 May Reply

    After a lot of prayer I should say to be careful how you impact on the individual, because the individual to our Heavenly Father is far, far more important than any organisation including The Salvation Army.
    Also, if we want Australia to continue to have a numerically strong Salvation Army presence and even more so in the future, is reducing Australia to one territory the way to go?
    Please see the below quote about Salvation Army Organisational Structure:
    “The next level in The Salvation Army hierarchy is the Territory and usually corresponds to a country, however, many countries with a numerically strong Salvation Army presence may be divided into a number of territories (U.S.A., Australia, India).”
    Which is a quote from the website below:
    Bless you
    From Pam

    • Neil Raymond
      Posted at 16:53h, 17 June Reply

      Hi Pam, When you look at the Salvation Army Year Books over the last few years the numbers of people within the Salvation Army is in a very serious decline. Welcome to :”Corporate” Salvation Army my friend. I am focussing on our Lord during what Timothy refers to as “perilous times” . Compromise is reigning supreme.

  • Darren McGhee
    Posted at 11:36h, 30 May Reply

    Thanks for the update . Appreciate the open communication about the progress and acknowledgement of the impact this has on others

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