Prayer Summit Prayer Stations

Download this resource pack and use the Prayer Stations alongside the live stream of the National Prayer Summit.

Documents beginning with a State/Territory are used for Prayer Station 5. Please download and print the PDFs with your state's name. Additionally you may wish to print out other state’s PDF documents and include them in this prayer activity.

Prayer Summit Stations InstructionsDownload 
Prayer Station One-Instructions and Optional imagesDownload 
Prayer Station 1 Church photosDownload 
Prayer Station 2 Reconciliation PaintingDownload 
R-Marion Prayer Station ImagesDownload 
WA templateDownload 
WA AREADownload 
VIC templateDownload 
VIC AREADownload 
TAS templateDownload 
TAS AREADownload 
SA templateDownload 
SA AREADownload 
QLD templateDownload 
QLD AREADownload 
NT templateDownload 
NT AREADownload 
NSW templateDownload 
NSW AREADownload 
ACT templateDownload 
ACT AREADownload 
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